Rogers County Youth Services has responded to the needs of the youth and families in our community since 1976. We are Rogers County – from our board members to all of our services, our only focus is making Rogers County a better place to live.  We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality prevention and counseling resources at no cost to the children, youth and families in Rogers County.

We’ve recently purchased a larger facility to expand programs and services for our community.  We need your help investing in our Rogers County youth.  Our new facility should be a reflection of the high quality services our youth and families will receive through RCYS.

Juvenile Offenders Impacted
Students in Classrooms
Young Lives Redefined


Children, Youth and Families

  • Struggling with thoughts of suicide
  • Bullying
  • Trauma (physical/emotional/sexual/otherwise)
  • Unhealthy Family Behaviors
  • Depression, Anger, Hopelessness
  • Behavior Problems t School
  • Early Childhood Therapy
Parenting Classes

School Classrooms

  • Creating empathy and respect toward each other
  • improving classroom function
  • reducing incidence of bullying
  • creating safe environment for growth + learning
  • Decreasing use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco

Juvenile Offenders

  • Changing destructive behavior
  • intensive individual and family counseling
  • a positive alternative to costly detention
  • 90% reduction in repeat offenses
juvenile offender

Cyber crime victims

RCYS was asked to develop resources for young people who have been blackmailed or coerced into sharing compromising pictures.

  • Therapists trained to help victims and parents of sextortion
  • Programs to educate students and teachers of social media dangers
  • Presentations to reduce incidents of social sharing of inappropriate images
  • Encouragement and hope for victims embarrassed or afraid to come forward


We are the only non-profit counseling agency governed by a local board of directors whose focus is only on Rogers County children, youth and families.   All of our programs and services are provided completely free of charge to ensure every person has access to high quality care in their home community.

We have purchased a new building in order to better serve Rogers County with:

  • Services for students with long-term suspensions
  • Parenting Classes
  • Group Therapy and Support Groups
  • Parenting through Divorce Classes
  • Expanded Professional Counseling Services
  • Juvenile substance abuse education and rehab
  • Play Therapy
  • Community Resource Center

Help invest in our children and their families.

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